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Shimba Hills is a scenic area located in the coastal region of Kenya, near the city of Mombasa. It is home to the Shimba Hills National Reserve, which covers an area of approximately 300 square kilometers (115 square miles).

Here are some key features and attractions of Shimba Hills:

Flora and Fauna: The Shimba Hills National Reserve is known for its rich biodiversity. It is home to rare plant species, including the endangered cycad plants, as well as a variety of trees, shrubs, and grasses. The reserve is also inhabited by a diverse range of wildlife, such as elephants, buffaloes, giraffes, zebras, and antelopes. Additionally, over 100 bird species have been recorded in the area, making it a paradise for birdwatchers.

Sheldrick Falls: One of the main attractions within the Shimba Hills is the Sheldrick Falls, also known as the “Shimba Hills Waterfall.” This beautiful waterfall cascades down from a height of approximately 25 meters (82 feet) into a refreshing pool below. Visitors can enjoy a hike through the lush forest to reach the falls and take in the scenic beauty of the surrounding area.

Guided Walks and Hiking Trails: The attraction site offers several walking trails and guided walks that allow visitors to explore the reserve on foot. These trails provide opportunities to observe wildlife, discover unique plant species, and enjoy the peaceful ambiance of the forested areas.

Shimba Hills Lodge: Located within the reserve, Shimba Hills Lodge provides accommodation for visitors who wish to spend more time immersing themselves in the natural surroundings. The lodge offers panoramic views of the reserve, and guests have the chance to spot wildlife from the comfort of their rooms or the lodge’s observation decks.
Shimba Hills is one of the most visited destinations for several reasons:

  1. Breathtaking Natural Beauty: The area is renowned for its stunning natural beauty, characterized by rolling hills, lush vegetation, and diverse wildlife. The picturesque landscapes, scenic viewpoints, and vibrant flora and fauna make it a captivating destination for nature lovers and photographers.
  2. Abundant Wildlife: The Shimba Hills National Reserve is home to a variety of wildlife, including elephants, giraffes, buffaloes, and a diverse range of bird species. Visitors have the opportunity to embark on thrilling game drives or guided walks to observe and appreciate the incredible biodiversity of the region.
  3. Unique Ecosystem: The area is an important ecosystem, hosting the largest coastal forest in East Africa. This rare combination of coastal rainforest and grassland habitats creates a unique environment that attracts both researchers and nature enthusiasts.
  4. Accessibility: Situated just a short distance from the popular coastal city of Mombasa in Kenya, Shimba Hills offers convenient access for tourists. Its proximity to other tourist destinations along the coast makes it an ideal day trip or weekend getaway for travelers looking to experience nature and wildlife.
  5. Cultural Significance: This area is also significant from a cultural standpoint. It is home to the Digo people, one of the coastal tribes of Kenya, who have preserved their traditional way of life, including their customs, music, and dance. Visitors have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the local culture and interact with the friendly residents.
  6. Eco-Tourism Initiatives: The conservation efforts have gained recognition and support from various organizations, leading to the establishment of eco-lodges and eco-friendly tourism practices. Many tourists are attracted to the opportunity to contribute to conservation efforts while enjoying a memorable and sustainable travel experience.

Overall, the combination of natural beauty, wildlife, accessibility, cultural significance, and eco-tourism initiatives contribute to the popularity of Shimba Hills as one of the most visited destinations in the region. Are you looking for a reputable airport transfer to Shimba hills? Wasii taxi got you covered. Contact us today.

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