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If you have an upcoming flight to Kenya, you must use transportation service that guarantees on-time arrivals. Before selecting an airport transportation service, consider the following questions.
Are you searching for a means of transportation to and from the airport? Some of your VIPs’ first impressions of your company will be based on the service you choose.

Make sure they always guarantee a prompt arrival if you are employing them to transport yourself. Fortunately, you can ask each provider a number of questions to make sure you’re selecting the best one for the task.

Make sure to ask the same questions of several different services, then weed out the ones you don’t like. Use the following helpful questions to find your new airport transportation service.

Where Are You Located, Please?
Here’s a trade secret: Despite how close an airport transportation service is to the airport, you shouldn’t utilize them. At least, that shouldn’t be the deciding aspect.

Why? because they still need to pick you up from your intended location. They must travel 40 miles to pick you up from the airport if your corporate headquarters is located there after. It is ineffective.

You need to select a transportation provider that is situated halfway between point A and point B. This will assure prompt arrival and departure for the airport as well as lower their mileage (which they might charge you for).

  1. What Sets Your Service Apart From the Competition?
    Making an airport transportation service engage in a brief sales pitch is quite acceptable. Make sure they don’t simply ignore your question.

Ideal phrases include “excellent customer service,” “low rates,” “guarantee,” and similar expressions. However, any service can make those claims; the question is how they will back them up. just using examples from the real world.

Ask them to provide you with one or two instances where they accommodated a client. Has it ever almost happened that a client wouldn’t arrive on time? If so, how did they ensure they arrived there as soon as possible?

You can tell a service wants to be unique if they’re eager to explain to you how they vary from the competition. Read more on importance of booking an airport taxi.

  1. When Do You Work?

You need to swiftly organize your travel schedule right now. You must reserve a flight and make plans for your airport shuttle to pick you up. Are you sure they’ll pick up at two or three in the morning? They ought to!

Always just a phone call away is a first-rate airport transportation service. They must be able to adapt whether you make a pickup reservation two weeks in advance or two hours in advance.

  1. How long has your company been operating?
    In this life, experience is everything. You can trust a transportation company with your business more the more experience they have.

They have the experience and know-how to adapt to any scenario if they have adequate experience. For them, making minor adjustments to their plans will be just another day at the office.

  1. Do You Have Flight Tracking?
    You must be certain that the transportation service will pick up your VIP as soon as possible in order to guarantee a smooth airport pickup procedure for your employees and clients.

This includes keeping track of their flights to make sure someone will be there to meet them as soon as they exit the escalator. Both you and the individual they are picking up may experience severe inconvenience if they don’t arrive straight away.

The majority of reliable services can track your flight and, if you’re okay with it, keep in touch with you along the route.

  1. How Much Will It Cost?
    Ah, yes! Everyone wants to know the answer to this question, yet no one wants to ask it outright. If you try to avoid the subject, you will receive an answer that does the same.
    Be direct when requesting information about prices for each service. Describe your typical pickup arrangements and the price they would charge to do so.

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