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A dolphin tour in Kenya will round out your Kenyan vacation. Few animals are more closely associated with Kenya than dolphins. A close encounter with these friendly and endearing creatures will make your vacation memorable and enjoyable. While this exciting adventure is suitable for both children and adults, you should be aware of the dos and don’ts to ensure a stress-free tour.

Do: Choose the Best Tour

Whether you prefer dolphin watching in the morning or in the afternoon, you must make the right decision. The dolphin tour operator may be able to find you the best package based on your preferences.

Wear the Correct Equipment
When going on a dolphin adventure tour, make sure you bring all of the necessary equipment. Lifevests will be provided; please wear yours. Consider wearing a hat and polarized glasses, but remember that they can blow off at high speeds, so choose ones that fit snugly or have straps.

Take Photographs
Your dolphin tour will be an exciting experience, and taking some great photos will ensure that the memory lasts a lifetime. During the tour, many wonderful underwater creatures will greet you, and you won’t want to miss out on interacting with them. Unless you’re a local, you’re unlikely to see these sea creatures. You will need to bring a waterproof camera or case so that you do not get your camera wet while taking pictures.

Record Videos
A video recorder will be required in addition to a camera. While your mobile phone device can capture the beautiful moment, it will not be as precise as a video recorder or video camera.

Allow Dolphins To Swim To You When encountering dolphins, allow them to swim to you rather than chasing them. While it’s natural to want to get closer to them, dolphins must take the lead. You may end up frightening the dolphins if you try to follow them. Your best bet will be to float calmly on the water. Dolphins are known to play in the wakes of boats near Fort Myers Beach, so keep an eye behind you as well as ahead.

Don’t: Be afraid when they approach you.
Meeting wild dolphins is an unforgettable experience. If you’ve never encountered these creatures before, it’s natural to be scared because you’re trying something new. Dolphins are friendly creatures that have even been known to save humans from drowning. The tour guides will explain what to expect so you can enjoy watching the dolphins play without fear.

Feeding Or Touching Dolphins
Dolphins in the wild should stay that way! These animals do live in densely populated areas and may appear to be very friendly.But that doesn’t mean you should pet them. Maintain a respectful distance and reserve hands-on interaction for facilities that encourage such activities. Remember that feeding or harassing dolphins is against federal law.

Forget about having fun.
You can make the most of your dolphin tour if you enjoy every minute of it. Interacting with dolphins is a fun activity, so make sure you get a good look at these underwater creatures. If you include a dolphin tour on your vacation itinerary, you will have a memorable vacation.

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