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Request a price quote: Before you book your airport transfer, make sure to get a fixed-price quote. Many firms may quote you a price but fail to indicate that parking is extra, waiting time is not included, there is a surcharge for traveling at night, and so on.
Make sure to ask if all of these charges are included in the pricing.

Book Online: Booking your airport transfer cab online for an Airport Transfer ensures that you have a record of the booking. Check to see if you have received a booking confirmation from the company. In the odd occasion that something goes wrong, you have a written record to refer to.

Give us as much information about your Airport Transfer plans as you can. Dates, timings, number of passengers, collection and drop off addresses, contact number, Terminal information, flight numbers, and any specific instructions should all be included on a decent online booking form.

Examine your calendar: It is simple to make a mistake. One of the most prevalent is for trans-Atlantic clients to enter their departure date as their arrival date, when they actually arrive the next day due to the time difference. At any given hour, numerous drivers at Mombasa are seeking for their passengers who are fast sleeping in their hotel room on the opposite side of the water!

Use a meet and greet service: Being met in the airport means you won’t be rushed, and the driver will be able to assist with your bags while you have a coffee or use the restroom before you leave. It’s tempting to meet in the drop off area, but the timing has to be precise, and everything is a bit rushed. We used to meet numerous clients this way when we first began out, until one day, when a driver stepped out of the car to assist the clients, a police officer hopped in and drove the car to the pound for being unlawfully parked – true story! We have learned from our blunders, as they say.

Switch on your phone: Providing your mobile phone number is a fantastic way for the airport transfer business to contact you. A decent firm will text you upon your return to your country to let you know everything is fine, and this also means you have the driver’s contact information. Airports can be highly congested places, with many people having no idea where they are or how to get to where they want to go. Even if your driver is present, it is possible to overlook them, and having a way of direct communication makes the procedure lot easier and less stressful.

Allow us to assist you: Carrying your baggage, looking after your luggage, or simply pointing you in the proper place should all be included in the service. Allow the driver to assist you in any manner he or she can.

Don’t be scared to ask: If you need anything when traveling to or from the airport, simply ask the driver. In most cases, stopping for a comfort break is not an issue, and many drivers embrace such breaks as an unanticipated opportunity to stretch their legs. If you forgot to put a loaf of bread in the freezer, simply ask the driver to stop at the store for a few minutes. This is the distinction between a good airport transfer and a Chauffeur Company.
Don’t forget to provide feedback to the firm regarding the service you received. Good or bad, a good organization would appreciate you taking the time to tell them what you liked best about the service and what may be better.

Take advantage of the service: Finally, take a seat and unwind. Many of our customers consider the arrival of their car to be the beginning of their vacation. They may be confident that they will get at the airport in time for their trip from the moment the vehicle pulls up.

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